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The Birth of Science, Sin and Autism

[Copyright Stephen Pirie, 2006]

Excerpt of "Maya Sends Her Love":

Grandfather Johann telling young Maya a bedtime account of humanity's history and development:

Once upon a time the many peoples of Earth were one with nature. They lived in a veritable Garden of Eden ... theirs was an instinctive paradise, naturally engaged and lived.

As a people they were like new-born babes, fresh from the nurturing womb of Mother-Nature. And just like new-born babes they felt and knew themselves to be nurtured and nourished by their Mother-Earth. They felt at-one with Her rocks and trees and things. Even though they killed, or were themselves killed for food, they understood the deeply interconnected harmony of life.

Naturally as children do, they began taking little steps exploring and learning about themselves and the world around them. They were a young race ready to stand alone, apart and independent. They were ready to think for themselves, to take on free-will, independent of instinct.

This was written in their holy Book of Genesis – that to remain in nature’s paradise God had said they must not eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge, for if they did their eyes would be opened and they ‘shall be as gods, knowing good and evil’.

But eat they did. Choices were made, free-will accepted and their eyes opened. Thereupon as was confirmed in their holy book ‘the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us’. So began their apprenticeship as Gods.

Now as we know the gift of free-will carries with it the freedom to feel wrong. As their holy books explained tEvolution of the human psychehey were self-conscious and felt guilt and shame for having left their harmony with nature – it was, they thought, their ‘Original Sin’. Their guilt was not foreordained or necessary, merely one line of development chosen through lack of understanding and maturity. In having lost what they believed was their innocence, they now yearned for God’s forgiveness.

Their religions taught this distance from nature to be the ‘fall of mankind’ but it was not our natural Falling that reconnects and nurtures. No, theirs was a fall from heart and harmony to numbers, names and notions. Theirs was a focus on ‘head’, at the expense of ‘heart’.

As was their choice they started thinking more and more, counting, calculating, competing and computing their way free of instinct and harmony. Instead of feeling at-one with a tree, for example, they thought and felt separate to it. It was merely a thing to be chopped down for shelter, fuel and weapons.

Over time they began to see the world entirely in terms of separate things, separate thoughts, separate lives and separate spirits. Instead of a natural instinct of togetherness, they developed the ability to think ‘ME’ – a ‘me’ who was unique, separate, apart, isolated and more important than Mother-Nature. In fact Mother-Nature, they began to believe, was there to be used and abused at will because they, and they alone, were God’s Chosen made in His image, they excused.

As they felt ever more separate and isolated, they thought and spoke more in terms of comparisons between themselves and the world ‘out there’. Thus was born their ‘reasoning’, ‘objectivity’ and ‘sciences’, reliant on the ability to separate and compare; to find differences, distinctions, definitions and details ...

Reasonably enough they began to compare themselves to their now-separate spirit-daddy who was, they thought, ever so big and strong and lived so very high above them. Like many children they began to believe their spirit-daddy was, unlike themselves, perfect and that He could do no wrong. ‘He is infallible, omnipotent and omniscient’, they chorused. By comparison they thought they were ever so small and imperfect, unable to feel within themselves for what they now believed was outside and above them.

Like many children during those times they believed their Father could punish or reward them. They were at His mercy, they thought. Many during those dark times were, unsurprisingly, ‘God-fearing’ and openly spoke of their fear that He might punish them for being naughty.

Now as the story goes ‘God’ who they believed was a separate spirit who knew everything, lived in a separate place called Heaven. In beginning to think of themselves as separate, they began to think of things that were good for them and their survival, and things that were bad for them and could cause death. For example an animal that had killed friends or family, came to be ‘bad’.

If they had been good and bad things still occurred, then since God was good, they believed another separate spirit must have caused such bad things. So began their belief in, and fear of, another separate spirit called Evil, who lived in another separate place called Hell.

And since they were now so separate from their own inner knowing of connection with all, they were afraid of their God-above and their Evil-below. You might say, they disconnected ‘head’ from ‘heart’, outer from inner, one from all.

This was simply a selfish period that some children can experience when they neglect their feelings of community and connection by being overly focused on themselves and their thoughts.

Eventually over the centuries (and their centuries are like years for a child) they got better with their sciences, strategies and structures. They built bigger and better machines, tools and medicines. They got so good at thinking and feeling separate, working their machines in their clockwork world, that one thinking-man named ‘Friedrich Nietzsche’ finally declared ‘God is dead’.

In fact people themselves, particularly boys, started to behave like machines to the extent that a condition known as ‘autism’ became common. People so afflicted had become so isolated, so dreadfully alone and train-track serial they had lost their ability to let go and Fall into ease, play and peace.

Feeling now so separate and alone, they had in their minds killed God only to create a mechanised hell-on-Earth instead.

And that is the true horror story of their times, for in believing that no spiritual inner-life existed, no matter how many machines they built, or however many medicines they took, they still felt a deep emptiness and a morbid fear of themselves. That is why they had to tell lies and take from others.

maya sends her love


Hi Stephen,
I am very impressed with your book "Maya Sends Her Love." It provides a very easy introduction to many of the “mysteries” of quantum physics in a very readable little story.
I certainly encourage you to seek a wide audience for the book – the message it contains is important.
Dr. Patrick Bradbery
Professional Development Unit
Faculty of Business
Charles Sturt University
Dear Stephen,
Congratulations on the book Maya Sends Her Love – I thoroughly enjoyed it.
The contents of the book are the ideas I talk about on a daily basis with people. It was wonderful to see you entwine the Knowledge into such a wonderful tale around such mythical and yet familiar characters – beautifully done.
Tim Brown
The Meditation Centre
80 Paddington St
Paddington NSW 2021
02 9327 7825

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