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Creating a viable society

[ Copyright Andrew Gaines 2008]

One of the implications of quantum physics is that many futures are possible.

In our current reality all the real-world scientific evidence indicates that our global civilisation will self-destruct environmentally within the lifetime of young people alive today. Jared Diamond's Collapse, the recent evidence that Arctic seabeds are now releasing methane (a major climate tipping point) and Philip Sutton's Climate Code Red makes the case.

Our thinking (individually and collectively) shapes our reality. It can be a challenge to get out of our habitual modes of thinking – especially when they seem to have served us well, and they are consistent with the modes of thinking prevalent in our society. Yet we must, when it becomes evident that our thinking is so counterproductive it will seriously harm us and future generations.

If we were to ask, for example, “What makes global warming worse?" unravelling the threads we would find that our whole system is involved: economics, industrial production, advertising, consumerism, personal psychology and our core values, individually and as a society. We need commerce, but in a way that is consistent with long-term viability.

Andrew Gaines and the Belief Institute helps clients systematically think through the many levels of change that are involved, and the implications for positioning themselves amid and in front of the emerging waves of change.