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Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity and Innovation

An interesting and worthwhile interview with Sir Ken Robinson on the ABC's 7.30 Report with Kerry O'Brien.

Two parts to the interview.

Part 1 (transcript, mp4, wmv)

Sir Ken Robinson: 

"...people achieve their best when they firstly tune into their natural aptitudes - and lots of people I have interviewed aren't musicians, they're mathematicians, they're business leaders, they're teachers, they're broadcasters, you know, they've found this thing that they completely get. But the second thing is that they love it. And if you can find that - a talented and a passion - well that's to say you never work again. And it is true, I think, that our current education systems are simply not designed to help people do that. In fact an awful lot of people go through education and never discover anything they're good at at all."

Part 2: (transcript, mp4, wmv)

Sir Ken Robinson, (on leadership in schools, colleges and politics):

"... leadership is really important, from every point of view. I mean look what's happening in America at the moment, that shift from the last presidency to the current one. There's been a total change of mood, because people take their cue from the tone of the leadership, and it's true in every system I know."

on success in life:

"...people have got to where they have got by following their particular talents, interests and passions."

On business, creativity and innovation:

Kerry O'Brien: "Are corporations also too narrow in their thinking, about encouraging creativity ...?"

Sir Ken Robinson: "...if we know anything, it's that the real driver of creativity and innovation is imagination and diversity. And those things are essential to competitiveness ... Innovation isn't some soft-edged liberal idea, it's an essential economic imperative."