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something BIG

Posted 6 July 2014, 4.15pm (see update)

What is this "something BIG"?

Our Belief Institute Groups are BIG in scope -- they involve big ideas, big concepts that are immensely useful in our everyday lives.

One of the many key ideas is that of Consistent Histories, and it's immensely powerful and practical.

Let's say you want a new car. You visualise it being in your life, parked all nice and gleaming in your drive-way, or garage etc.

Now, what is the Consistent History of that car? What is in your past (with the car in your driveway) that makes sense, and is consistent with it being there? Think about how everything in your life now, has a past. Whether it be a car, house, job, relationship, whatever --  they all have a particular past attached to them. It all makes sense. 

Our Consistent Histories process simply works to build that history, attaching it to that future (in which you have your car, job, house etc).

Want to lose weight, and improve your health? What is the Consistent History of that future, in which you are slim, and well?

Another (related) idea is that of the "Pairadox Rule" -- that each moment is comprised of both past and future, of actual and possible, of memory and imagination, of conscious and intuitive.

Together these processes and ideas help one to recognise how time works -- for the need to 'let go' and intuitively work towards new ideas, new opportunities, new experiences and new behaviours that, when engaged, lo and behold1, provide a Consistent History that makes sense as to why and how you have that new car in the drive-way, or why and how you are now slim and healthy etc.

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Update - May 2017: see the website for details of groups, courses, etc.

  • 1. "lo and behold", as in "expect and behold, surprise" -- the creative process relies to a great extent on allowing and expecting surprises, for otherwise old habits and past memories will push us toward a future that is just a repeat of the old. This is where imagination, and "letting go" enters the process, engaged in a cyclic manner. Much more explained and practised in the groups.