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Please be aware that the opinions, beliefs and materials of contributing authors need not reflect the beliefs or opinions of other contributing authors. As a general rule articles are posted on this website which infer or in some way point towards, or add weight to an "integral systems" or 'holodynamic systems" world-view.

Personal Development

The Birth of Science, Sin and Autism

[Copyright Stephen Pirie, 2006]

Excerpt of "Maya Sends Her Love":

Grandfather Johann telling young Maya a bedtime account of humanity's history and development:

Once upon a time the many peoples of Earth were one with nature. They lived in a veritable Garden of Eden ... theirs was an instinctive paradise, naturally engaged and lived.

As a people they were like new-born babes, fresh from the nurturing womb of Mother-Nature. And just like new-born babes they felt and knew themselves to be nurtured and nourished by their Mother-Earth. They felt at-one with Her rocks and trees and things. Even though they killed, or were themselves killed for food, they understood the deeply interconnected harmony of life.

Naturally as children do, they began taking little steps exploring and learning about themselves and the world around them. They were a young race ready to stand alone, apart and independent. They were ready to think for themselves, to take on free-will, independent of instinct.

This was written in their holy Book of Genesis – that to remain in nature’s paradise God had said they must not eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge, for if they did their eyes would be opened and they ‘shall be as gods, knowing good and evil’.


The business value of purpose and meaning

As many business entrepreneurs appreciate, the really important things in starting and running a business are primarily 'mental' -- it's our vision to make a difference, to do things better and to test ourselves that fuels and motivates.

But what about the people that we employ?

It should be no great surprise that for "businesses that pay most regard to the deeper needs of their employees are the ones that perform best."1

The challenge faced when creating a strong, vibrant culture in a business is the intangible 'mental' dimensions - what we think, feel and believe about our work, fellow employees, customers, the work environment etc.


The Evolution of the Human Psyche

[Posted 5th October, 2008. © Stephen Pirie]

Finding our way home

Evolution of the human psyche -> click to enlargeGiven current world circumstances (e.g. the 2008 global economic situation; recent and current controversies in the USA over the teaching of "Intelligent Design" and recent demonstrations against cartoons and books that are deemed blasphemous) perhaps it's timely that we gain a fuller perspective. It is quite evident there are conflicting views on what is "Truth."

Is Intelligent Design a valid alternative to the Theory of Evolution? Is it genuinely blasphemous to create an image of that which is deemed sacred? How can we see our way clear of the jungle of conflicting faiths and beliefs?