[ Copyright Dr Werner Sattmann-Frese 2009]

Notions of ‘Sustainable Living’ have recently been considered in relation to topics such as clean air and water, Permaculture and solar panels.

Whereas such environmental initiatives and government programs are important and will continue to play important roles in the ecological recovery of this planet, there is now also a growing awareness that to live sustainably we will also have to address the emotional and psychosocial aspects of sustainability.

The participation and well-being of individuals within all stratas of society are important to the viability of sustainable living programs and practices.

Viable sustainable living programs cover

  • satisfying relationships
  • creative expression
  • meaning and purpose
  • fairness in the workplace
  • the underlying causes of wellness and illness in our society
  • violence and peace
  • equality between genders, races, and other expressions of difference.

These factors, as much as a healthy natural environment, will determine whether or not people can live with a sense of ease and happiness in a life-supporting world.