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Please be aware that the opinions, beliefs and materials of contributing authors need not reflect the beliefs or opinions of other contributing authors. As a general rule articles are posted on this website which infer or in some way point towards, or add weight to an "integral systems" or 'holodynamic systems" world-view.

Frank Juszczyk, Ph.D

Frank JuszczykHaving completed a career as a university professor in 2004, I began to investigate the fascinating implications of quantum physics for a reconfiguration of what life is about and what it could mean.

In 2009 I was undergoing radiation and chemo therapy for a recurrence of prostate cancer when I discovered Matrix Energetics. I attended a seminar in San Diego and was amazed by the experience. At another seminar in Albuquerque, I had a direct encounter with a double of myself in a parallel universe in which I did not experience cancer. The cancer disappeared. This is pretty intriguing. I have been exploring the possibilities of a reorientation of consciousness in my life since.

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