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Prof. Richard Conn Henry

Prof. Richard Conn HenryExcerpt of Professor Richard Conn Henry's profile:

"Dick Henry joined the JHU Physics Department's faculty in 1968 as its first astronomer ever (the world-renowned astronomer Simon Newcomb [1835 - 1909] — the only previous JHU astronomer — was in the Math Department). As Deputy Director of NASA's Astrophysics Division (1976 -1978), Dick strongly supported his Astronomy Chief, Nancy Roman, in convincing Noel Hinners to require a contest for the hosting of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), instead of simply putting it at Princeton.

After Dick's return to JHU, Bill Fastie and Arthur Davidsen (a young astronomer hired with Dick's strongest support) succeeded in landing the STScI on our own Homewood Campus. The result, today, is that there are now surely more astronomers working on the Homewood campus than there are scholars in any other field; and JHU itself, to everyone's astonishment, has become a world leader in Dick's field! But, you ain't seen nothing yet!"{C}

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