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Stephen1 is a belief-systems specialist (covering business, social, scientific, political and personal dimensions to life).

Stephen is the author of critically-acclaimed books that reveal how underlying quantum physics principles operate in everyday life, and how those principles can be engaged and beneficially applied.

Prior to establishing the Belief Institute, Stephen was working within the Professional Development Unit (now ISBP) at Charles Sturt University (Faculty of Business) in the role of business development, short-course design, development and marketing.

During the 1990's Stephen used his sales experience to begin an engineering business supplying advanced fire protection systems to corporate clients. Stephen started his business during the peak of the (1991) recession, without any prior industry knowledge or experience. This lack of experience required Stephen to lean heavily on his intuition and creativity, while maintaining a professional business approach.


Stephen's background is an eclectic mix of commercial sales and business experience, interspersed with and accompanied by many and varied courses in sales and management training, meditation /motivation /self-development (e.g. Silva, Vipassana, Self-Transformations, Rebirthing, Tony Robbins etc) and NLP ... to name a few.

Throughout it all, Stephen has maintained a keen, inquisitive focus, seeking the common elements and principles that consolidate the various philosophies and experiences of life.

Stephen's incisive questioning, coupled with long and considerable reading and reflection (particularly of the research and theories in the field of quantum physics), led to him intuiting the common principles of life as revealed in his book Be and Become and provided at this site (in the sections The TOA, and Articles).

Stephen has found that what gives him deep meaning and fulfillment is bringing out the creative, the possible, the inventive and the natural healing abilities within himself and others ... read more

Books by Stephen Pirie

  1. Be and Become [2000]
  2. Awkward Truths: Beyond the Dogmas of Science, Religion and New-Age Philosophies [2003]
  3. Maya Sends Her Love [2006]

Background detail:

Stephen's fairly conservative upbringing led him to study a level 1 physics major at high-school and then electrical engineering and computer-science at university. But a lack of interest (as typified by skipping lectures and tutorials, even on his first day) eventually saw him drop out of academic study. He subsequently drifted – driving buses, fixing computers (e.g. for Control Data Corporation) before beginning a professional sales career selling data communications products.

Beginning a career in corporate sales (not the proverbial used-car variety of sales) marked a dramatic change in his world view. He learned about the role of attitude in determining one's experiences. He subsequently and enthusiastically dived into the study of all matters concerning sales training, motivation, meditation, Eastern philosophies (such as Vipassana, Buddhism, et), spirituality and New-Age philosophies, NLP, the Silva Method and the many practical implications of quantum physics. (Along the way, he often had extended, vigorous discussions with any and everyone concerning the underlying philosophical frameworks of such).

In wanting to more fully rely on his expanded understanding and creativity, he left sales to begin – at the peak of the recession (1991) and without any prior industry knowledge or experience – his own engineering business ("Special hazards" computer-room very early detection + full-flooding gaseous fire-suppression systems).

Stephen relied on his intuitive feel for doing things differently while maintaining a highly professional business approach, resulting in a successful business designing, installing and maintaining advanced fire-protection systems for many leading Australian corporate customers (e.g. Westpac Bank, Sanwa Bank, Advance Bank, Bank of America, BHP, MasterFoods, Roads and Traffic Authority, Boral-Bricks, Telstra and other major installations).

A major supplier to the industry observed that his company's "documentation and support has always been to the highest level and sets a degree of professionalism which forms a benchmark for others to follow."

During this time he was a member of the select "The Executive Connection" which gave him valuable insights into the qualities and abilities of CEOs of large organisations.

However, while running a commercial business was interesting and challenging, his deep interest in matters philosophical compelled him to take leave to begin writing, which began another dramatic shift in his perceptions.

By setting aside time to write, Stephen experienced an avalanche of deep new insights that profoundly enriched his views on life. By having read widely, and by leaning on past intuitive experiences, he intuited and developed a new, robust philosophical framework that has, to date, not erred or failed to clarify and reveal deeper understanding when applied.

That framework (variously described in his books as The Theory of One and All (see right), The Pairadox Rule and The Possibility Principle) is applicable to all areas of life, including business management and development, relationships, health, creativity and personal development. It engenders a deep understanding and appreciation of the seemingly contrary natures of chaos and order, surprise and predictability and other such apparent "dualities".

In essence, the framework is a core principle of life that reconciles and integrates the core truths of the many diverse spheres of human understanding and experience, including but not limited to science, medicine, religion, spirituality, psychology, sociology and political science.

Subsequent to his work being published (Be and Become is currently out of print), he has identified that many (if not most) within the business and general community have Galilean Priest Syndrome: a deep-seated aversion to looking at the facts (particularly and especially those in the realm of quantum physics research) and expanding one's beliefs to fit observed, formed reality.

This website and the services provided seeks to address the blind-spots in our contemporary belief-systems.

Books by Stephen (Simple tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment; Maya Sends Her Love; Awkward Truths: Beyond the Dogmas of Science, Religion and New-Age Philosophies; BE and BECOME).

Stephen provides

"valuable insights and guidance principles for those of us who realize that 'doing business as usual,' simply won't work in the 21st century ... (His materials are) designed for you and the problems you will surely face in this new century and, taking some of the ideas found in it in mind, this millennium." [Dr Fred Alan Wolf, Author, Taking the Quantum Leap]
Stephen Pirie's Be and Become, is a very comprehensive work, encompassing a breadth of deep insight into the nature of life." [Rev. Dr. Margaret Yee
University of Oxford]
"The book Be and Become is a significant contribution to the burgeoning field of self-development and spiritual awareness."[Deepak Chopra
Author, How to Know God,]
The book Be and Become is an amazing and awesome intellectual effort." [Professor Emeritus Giovanni Carsaniga, Department of Italian
Sydney University, Australia]


  1. Stephen's Be and Become "contains an extraordinary Table of One and All." [David Lorimer, Scientific and Medical Network]

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March 2023 -- an ebook version of Stephen's latest book "The Dynamics of Gender and Life" is now available online. More details at

  • 1. Stephen previously used "Steaphen" for Internet, book authorship and marketing purposes