Steve Lesser, Belief Institute Adviser

Steven Lesser is an industry and services consultant with over 40 years work experience. As an adjunct university lecturer, he teaches in several market related programs at both graduate (MBA) and undergraduate level, specialising in executive mentoring and coaching, project and operations management, finance and marketing disciplines.

Steven combines an integral systems approach with detailed metric analysis of organisational structure and performance to engender tangible results, in the areas of:

  • executive mentoring and coaching
  • project and alliance management
  • sales and marketing
  • development and implementation of organisational change
  • leadership
  • consumer and business lending/credit programs for multi-national and regional companies worldwide. 

He has been actively consulting and training in Australia and New Zealand and the South East Asian Region (primarily in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, including Hong Kong, India, Japan and the Philippines) as well as in the Indian Sub-Continent, Middle East, U.K. and U.S.A. for over 15 years. Major clients include Citigroup, DHL, HSBC, JP Morgan, Maxis, Petronas Berhad, Shell/China Oil, Timex, UBS, Vodafone, and many others.

Client implementations include state-of-the-art development and implementation of sales and marketing programs for multi-national and regional companies as well as negotiating, project, leadership, lending policies, and other high-leverage competency strategies.

Steve is also an accredited InsightsTM profiling and personality system professional. He is also an accredited competency standards assessor with FICS in Singapore.

Steve has had many articles published relating to implementation of strategies, project management, marketing and sales. He has collaborated on a book and training outcomes related to the leading of organisations through the management of strategic ideas. He has also provided advice, articles and reviews for publishers in Australia. He is currently writing a book on Branch-Based Marketing. 

He is also a Fellow, Associate, Director and Member of a number of industry-related bodies.

Steve is also a frequent keynote speaker at local, regional & international management, financial and strategic conferences. Steve believes that real success comes from the development of long-term strategic retail & commercial business relationships.


Steven Lesser is the founder and CEO of InfoWorks International Pty Ltd