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Profitable Sustainability

"Sustainability" is one of those loaded terms that is usually taken to mean "living smaller" - of having to ride bicycles to work, reducing our lifestyle, and cutting back on overseas travel ... which all means less choice, freedom and fun!

The expectation that sustainable business practices will reduce profitability is likewise often assumed. Not much fun in that.

But here's a radical thought - why not imagine that with the addition of creative new processes and products, we may not only enjoy sustainable business and social systems, but that we get to live "larger", with greater productivity, meaning, value-fulfillment and freedom.

Our psyches naturally seek growth and betterment. Like the universe in which we live, we're hard-wired to want to expand the range and depth of choice, experiences, understanding, abilities and wisdom.

Contact the Belief Institute for more details on our Profitable Sustainability short-course programs for organisations and community groups.

Best regards,
Stephen Pirie
Belief Institute.