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Simple Tools

Details concerning Stephen Pirie's book "Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment" (short url

ISBN 978-0-9578537-4-4 (eBook)
ISBN 978-0-9578537-5-1 (Paperback)

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Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment provides useful tools for those who are wanting or needing to engage with, and create desired, healthier, better, successful futures.

In the early part of the book a number of tools are presented to break through and see beyond many accepted fixed beliefs that block the path to results, well-being and betterment.

The latter part of the book provides tools for directly engaging the future in quite literal, practical, useful and life-enriching terms. Examples are given of how strongly desired futures 'feed' into our present awareness, providing exceptionally insightful and useful information (via intuitions, gut feelings) with which to create said desired futures.

This book will appeal to budding entrepreneurs (don't leave your old job without it :), sales and creative people who are invested in, needing or desiring to be visionary, creative, and results-orientated.

Feedback says that many intelligent, discerning thinkers and high achievers have greatly enjoyed and gained value from my work and I encourage you to further enhance, or develop your ability to think more critically, achieve more, and more effectively “see around corners” with my eBook.

Stephen Pirie (21 October, 2013)


'Simple Tools' is a pleasant and refreshing read - highly suitable for everyone who feels stuck in a situation and needs some fresh air. It's written in the spirit of ease and brings some new inspiration and motivation to the reader.
Katrin Anger, a reader

I was nudged into reading this book for “Simple Tools for Clarity…” seemed to me just. another book telling us to be rational and logical in dealing with life. Instead I found a useful, original, gem. It is only 65 pages long, well written and enjoyable to read. It is cleverly illustrated and you can’t beat the price.

Pirie calls himself the Belief Doctor and has a website dealing with belief. I can certainly resonate to that for it is belief that gets things going. Almost everything we do is based on belief. If I believe the bus won’t come I won’t go to the bus stop. If I believe my business has no chance of success I won’t start it. And there are all those New Thought gurus and Law of Attraction peddlers who tell us to get what we want we first have to believe it is already ours. As almost all the readers of their books learn to their sorrow it aint that easy. You can imagine and say you have a new car in your driveway but deep down you know it isn’t there.

Pirie says there is a balance scale in life. If you want to get something valuable out of it you have to put in an equal value. Interesting concept since most of the Law of Attraction people think the Horn of Plenty is bottomless. Also, Pirie has a different take on the “believe it is so and it will be” concept. Using quantum physics he says the past and the future exist in the present -- the Big Now. This means that if you really “see” that new car in your driveway – he calls it pre-living – it will eventually appear in your life. I recently read that researchers at the University of Vienna have shown experimentally that on the quantum level the future influences the past. Wow. Doesn’t that mean it is never too late to have a happy childhood?

Pirie offers a number of “tools” to clarify our thinking. For example, there is the Stretch Test. Take ideas like to be egoless or to be perfect and stretch them all the way to their extreme and see what you get. Very useful. There is the Choose Fun Tool and Making Like Einstein Tool. All useful and practical. Pirie appreciates that we live in a dualistic world and we had better give the devil his due. You can’t know what pleasure is if you never had pain. You won’t get something for nothing, not in the long run. And can we play any sport if there are no rules?

Pirie says he used the Big Now pre-living concept to cure himself of a serious illness. But it can be used in almost any life situation. Using the discoveries of quantum physics he says the future is real. If we can step into it, sense it deeply, embrace our heart’s wish, we will have found a treasure. Our life will become and adventure. I am going to send a copy to my son.

Bohdan Hodiak

"Stephen Pirie’s is a playful nature, full of a mischievous verve that compliments his very considerable intelligence. What he has done in his Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment, is create a practical quantum handbook for those foundering in an outdated conception of what constitutes “reality”. Stephen’s presentation is lively, humorous, and conversational, free of mind-numbing disquisitions on quantum mechanics theory in the abstract. Most physicists chunder on about physics as an objectified body of knowledge that has no immediate relevance to the feelings and kinesthetics of getting on with life. Stephen simply grabs what is immediately useful and applies it to what is needed to get the job done. Simple Tools is exactly what it calls itself, a service manual for fixing broken belief systems. It is the right tool for a very specific job. What Stephen is promoting is the application of what he calls the “Big Now” tool. This is a much larger, more open conception of reality than has been employed in so-called modern and progressive cultures to date. As Stephen observes, “These tools if used well should feel like you’re base-jumping off a cliff, bungee-jumping, or falling in love. The initial free-fall is exactly what is needed to step beyond old habits.” Stephen describes the preparation for the jump, reviews the necessary elements of the procedure, outlines the benefits of the jump experience, leads the reader to the jump-off point, and emphasizes the importance of having trust in what happens once the fall begins. It is left to the reader whether or not to take the jump.

Stephen also provides explanatory graphic illustrations for all the key principles of Simple Tools, making the fundamentals of changing outmoded beliefs quicker and easier to grasp. He covers all the essential quantum turn-abouts required for basic perceptual revision, including the transcendance of dualistic thinking, the negative effects of perfectionism, the phase conjugate aspect of time, which allows access to your future, balancing the masculine and feminine functions of the brain, the emotional component of placing intent, and the absolute necessity of “letting go” to allow possibilities to take tangible form. He also explores the dynamic of intuitive perception, calling it “The Make-Like-Einstein Tool”, which extols the benefits of being single-minded, odd, and following your bliss.

That’s a lot for the Belief Doctor to encompass in a short fifty or so pages, but the book’s brevity gives it an impact that might otherwise be dissipated in pointless equivocation, timorous hedging, and overly scrupulous concern over potential critical skepticism.

Stephen's book is a guide to action in the present, which promises to alter what that present means in a completely transfigurative and lasting way. It is a transformative work much needed during this increasingly compelling, ever-widening transition in human consciousness."

Frank Juszczyk, Ph.D
[Emeritus Prof. English, Western New Mexico University]
Author, WAYVionics Mindset Eradicator (PDF) (html)
"This book by Stephen Pirie is a masterpiece. It is a magnificent guide to help one think outside the box with the issues we experience in life. This book is small in size but big in ideas. It is a brilliant book full of intelligent humour for the thinking, open-minded  person. Stephen demonstrates incisive observations of human behaviour and traditions and shows how in casting aside old myths one is guided to understand and overcome difficult or interesting times in one's life."
Robert Colquhoun
Barrister and Philosopher (Sydney, Australia)
"Even though I was familiar with Stephen Pirie's body of work, the fresh exposition and vivid examples (in Simple Tools) had an immediate impact. With a sense of urgency, my family and I re-evaluated our goals and the means to achieve them. A big thank you to Stephen."
Uros Dresevic
Team Leader
Stephen condenses a lifetime of research and experience into less than 50 pages – each part a tool that will result in immediate clarity regarding our beliefs, what we can do to both understand and change these beliefs and pre-emptively live the future. Recommended reading.
Steven Lesser
Managing Director
InfoWorks International Pty Ltd