Successful project managers are masters of time management, understand human dynamics, and exhibit expertise in the many areas contributing to a project’s success

Managing Successful Projects–Real World Skills for Project Managers & Teams is a highly participative two-day program geared to both novice and experienced project managers. The course addresses the four major project management phases and the human dynamics critical to successful project completion.

Managing Successful Projects stresses all of the elements critical to conducting successful projects, including:

Managing Successful Projects
  • Efficient use of time
  • Up-front planning
  • Consensus development
  • Delineation of clear and specific activities and tasks
  • Development of realistic and feasible timelines
  • Analysis of resource requirements by task

As they work through each step of the project management process, participants learn on-the-job strategies to implement their projects and learn to use work tools and job aids, including:

  • Planning aids
  • Project monitoring tools
  • Report formats
  • Measurement/assessment tools

Participants also learn to use and apply a simple, but powerful communication strategy based on the principle that various recipients of project information require different information in different forms at different times. Participants learn to analyze the varying information needs of project stakeholders and plan communications accordingly.

Teams examine the project management process through a video-based case study, encountering unexpected changes in the case project in order to simulate the real corporate environment.

The course provides a step-by-step approach to learning key project management skills and then provides participants with the opportunity to apply these skills to their own job situations.