Reviews of "The Dynamics of Gender and Life: Timeless principles of Quantum, Fractal and Natural Phenomena, and Human Social Dynamics."

Stephen is an independent thinker, and his book is subtitled ‘timeless principles of quantum, fractal and natural phenomena, and human social dynamics’ representing as such the distillation of a worldview based on complementarity.

The central concept is the universe as a self-organising system (SOS) where everything in it is ‘engaged in an ongoing, dynamic, cyclical, interactive conversation’ forming a dance between unity and individuality masculine and feminine, boson and fermion, particle and wave, separateness and togetherness, Yang and Yin, possibility and actuality. The elaboration of these polarities is extraordinarily fruitful as the book unfolds into considerations relating to types of creativity, identity politics, personality structure, the relationship between belief systems (central command centres) and habit. Stephen develops two original new terms – the right hemisphere ‘Wego’, contrasting with the left hemisphere ‘Igo’.

Life consists of possibilities represented by waves becoming actualities as particles, corresponding to the implicate manifesting into the explicate. We also try to balance an active masculine focus with a feminine receptivity and openness. All this is embodied at the end of the book in a series of Tables of One and All (TOA) providing an amazing visual summary. Readers will find this an expansive and insightful journey that is sure to enhance their philosophy of life.

David Lorimer
Scientific and Medical Network

The Dynamics of Gender and Life. Just consider the title; it is almost grandiose in its scope, yet the book itself does not disappoint. Stephen Pirie has delineated a whole new paradigm for reality within 150 pages. That in itself is a remarkable achievement.

In the first two sections Pirie repeatedly drew aside curtain after curtain to reveal unexpected wonders. This created a feeling of anticipation as well as suspense. I was eager to read the next page, which always led to further discoveries. I had fun.

Then, in section 3, he began "fleshing out" what had been revealed in the preceding sections. This did not reach the same level of expectation as did the first two sections, but it was necessary for fuller comprehension. I liked his generalized summaries of what it all meant as I went along, e.g., "We, and each part within creation, are. . . an active pivot-point, a door-way, an active, creative portal through which the creative potential and power of the quantum vacuum, the implicate order, the ground of being, flows and creates. We are the delivery vehicles and directors of where and how that energy is congealed into actuality." Beautifully expressed.

These occasional "boosts" in his explication keeps the reader in touch with the overall context of what he is saying and sustains an emotional connection with the content.

All in all, a wonderful piece of work, which I earnestly hope will reach a vast multitude of readers because, in all sincerity, they sure as hell need it.

Frank Juszczyk, PhD
Professor Emeritus of English, Western New Mexico University

I enjoyed reading Stephens book and found his perspective refreshing and revealing on how to achieve deeper understanding of the masculine and feminine. His explanations using quantum physics and the butterfly diagrams made compelling reading.

From everyday examples of behaviors to exploring the metaphysical, Stephen clearly defines the part that each polarity plays and elucidates their importance in the whole continuum. This is an important issue as dominance of one over the other leads to an imbalance and disharmony. What the world so deeply needs now is the balance of the feminine and masculine and the recognition of diversity in Unity.

Anna Parker
Celebrant, Interfaith Minister, Homeopath, Naturopath

I have known Stephen and followed his work for decades. Initially it centered on Quantum Theory and its implications on everyday life. As his understanding evolved, it has come to include other disciplines, e.g. Neuroscience, in a coherent framework elucidating the nature of life and the nature of decision-making process.

The Dynamics of Gender and Life is a thoroughly enjoyable read. I recommend it to anyone with inquisitive mind and anyone wishing to expand their understanding of our world.

Uros Dresevic
Software Development Manager

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Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and BettermentReviews of Stephen's book "Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment"

"This book by Stephen Pirie is a masterpiece. It is a magnificent guide to help one think outside the box with the issues we experience in life. This book is small in size but big in ideas. It is a brilliant book full of intelligent humour for the thinking, open-minded person. Stephen demonstrates incisive observations of human behaviour and traditions and shows how in casting aside old myths one is guided to understand and overcome difficult or interesting times in one's life."


Robert Colquhoun
Barrister and Philosopher (Sydney, Australia)

Stephen condenses a lifetime of research and experience into less than 50 pages – each part a tool that will result in immediate clarity regarding our beliefs, what we can do to both understand and change these beliefs and pre-emptively live the future. Recommended reading.

Steven Lesser
Managing Director
InfoWorks International Pty Ltd

"Even though I was familiar with Stephen Pirie's body of work, the fresh exposition and vivid examples (in Simple Tools) had an immediate impact. With a sense of urgency, my family and I re-evaluated our goals and the means to achieve them. A big thank you to Stephen."

Uros Dresevic
Team Leader

"Stephen's work is helping me to identify who I really am and get me on the way to being that person. Simple tools is an apt name for these simple yet powerful concepts."

Brian Cox

"Stephen Pirie’s is a playful nature, full of a mischievous verve that compliments his very considerable intelligence. What he has done in his Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment, is create a practical quantum handbook for those floundering in an outdated conception of what constitutes “reality”. Stephen’s presentation is lively, humorous, and conversational, free of mind-numbing disquisitions on quantum mechanics theory in the abstract. Most physicists chunder on about physics as an objectified body of knowledge that has no immediate relevance to the feelings and kinesthetics of getting on with life. Stephen simply grabs what is immediately useful and applies it to what is needed to get the job done. Simple Tools is exactly what it calls itself, a service manual for fixing broken belief systems. It is the right tool for a very specific job. What Stephen is promoting is the application of what he calls the “Big Now” tool. This is a much larger, more open conception of reality than has been employed in so-called modern and progressive cultures to date. As Stephen observes, “These tools if used well should feel like you’re base-jumping off a cliff, bungee-jumping, or falling in love. The initial free-fall is exactly what is needed to step beyond old habits.” Stephen describes the preparation for the jump, reviews the necessary elements of the procedure, outlines the benefits of the jump experience, leads the reader to the jump-off point, and emphasizes the importance of having trust in what happens once the fall begins. It is left to the reader whether or not to take the jump.

Stephen also provides explanatory graphic illustrations for all the key principles of Simple Tools, making the fundamentals of changing outmoded beliefs quicker and easier to grasp. He covers all the essential quantum turn-abouts required for basic perceptual revision, including the transcendance of dualistic thinking, the negative effects of perfectionism, the phase conjugate aspect of time, which allows access to your future, balancing the masculine and feminine functions of the brain, the emotional component of placing intent, and the absolute necessity of “letting go” to allow possibilities to take tangible form. He also explores the dynamic of intuitive perception, calling it “The Make-Like-Einstein Tool”, which extols the benefits of being single-minded, odd, and following your bliss.

That’s a lot for the Belief Doctor to encompass in a short fifty or so pages, but the book’s brevity gives it an impact that might otherwise be dissipated in pointless equivocation, timorous hedging, and overly scrupulous concern over potential critical skepticism.

Stephen's book is a guide to action in the present, which promises to alter what that present means in a completely transfigurative and lasting way. It is a transformative work much needed during this increasingly compelling, ever-widening transition in human consciousness."

Frank Juszczyk, Ph.D
[Emeritus Prof. English, Western New Mexico University]
Author, WAYVionics Mindset Eradicator (PDF) (html)

Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment is a marvelous piece of work demonstrating an enormous distillation of complexity into simple meaningful tools to improve one's everyday interactions with life.

Well done, Stephen.

Reminds me of an old Sufi saying... "Because you understand 1 you think you understand 2 because 1 and 1 is 2. But first you must understand AND."

Gene Bellinger
Systems Thinking World

Stephen Pirie has put together a very succinct volume here. Tools for betterment are precisely what you'll get from this book. The tools help us not only in reframing experience and seeing things in a new light, but in helping us tap into the intuitive mind. The latter incorporates non-local awareness, an important expansion of human intelligence, and part of what Pirie calls The Big Now. The author implores us to be adventurous, bold, and honour hunches and explore future possibilities. His view is to balance left and right-brain thinking, the masculine and the feminine dimensions of mind. It is a noble quest, and one well worth embarking upon!

Marcus Anthony, Ph.D
Lecturer, Masters of Strategic Foresight,
Swinburne University of Technology

Simple Tools combines quantum physics with common-sense to reveal timeless processes of life, creativity, intuition, health and wellbeing.

(Do something today that your future-you will thank you for :)

Reviews of Stephen Pirie's book:"Be and Become"

Stephen Pirie's Be and Become, is a very comprehensive work, encompassing a breadth of deep insight into the nature of life."

Rev. Dr. Margaret Yee
University of Oxford

"The book Be and Become is a significant contribution to the burgeoning field of self-development and spiritual awareness."

Deepak Chopra
Author, How to Know God

The book Be and Become is an amazing and awesome intellectual effort."

Professor Emeritus Giovanni Carsaniga
Department of Italian
Sydney University

"... an excellent piece of work in reconciling/synergizing seemingly opposed viewpoints and philosophies."

Dr. Win Wenger
Project Renaissance

Stephen's book Be and Become has given me greater insights into the mystery of life. I am now able to use Stephen's ideas with my personal coaching of business executives."

Vic Lindal
Personal coach for Greatness
BC Sports Hall of Fame
Victoria Sports Hall of Fame
Volleyball Canada Hall of Fame
Toastmasters International Hall of Fame


Stephen Pirie's book, Be and Become, provides valuable insights and guidance principles for those of us who realize that "doing business as usual," simply won't work in the 21st century. Be and Become is not just a sit down and read book but a workbook designed for you and the problems you will surely face in this new century and, taking some of the ideas found in it in mind, this millennium.

Borrowing from the quantum metaphors of the previous century, Pirie demolishes the old Darwinian saw and replaces it with a shining and hopeful spiritual vision.

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf
author, Taking The Quantum Leap

The Table of One and All (TOA) is arguably the most profound and pragmatic philosophical insight of the last 100 years.

Uros Dresevic
Poet, author of A Manifold World

In his landmark text, The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge argues for great models for thinking. Stephen Pirie is brilliant at offering models to give insight and interpretation to many disciplines in a complex world. Stephen's representations of phenomena in the personal arena for example, support the success principles of thought leaders such as Napoleon Hill

Dr. George McMaster
Professor of Business and Computer Science
Brandon University, Canada

Stephen's work (and his book Be and Become) is the most outrageous, but rational material I've encountered. It certainly caused me to rethink my management philosophies."

Mehmet Yousouf,
Managing Director
Auslin Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia

"... an excellent work with much insight and astute observations ... before its time."

Jeevan Sivasubramaniam
Managing Editor
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc.
San Francisco

" ... a well researched, insightful, highly pragmatic and interesting book."

Elizabeth Whitelock
Corporate training and development
Sydney, Australia

When you take the time to study it, the Table of One and All makes sense. It's quite simple. I don't know why no-one thought of it sooner. It's helped me appreciate the need to balance the 'masculine' and the 'feminine' in my life. I've used it to be more active and assertive."

Ronda Johnson
NLP Practitioner
Sydney, Australia

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Reviews of Stephen Pirie's book "Awkward Truths":

Awkward Truths

Awkward Truths is a brilliant book. It's all the more so when read aloud to a friend or group and the many ideas within it are discussed. Great fun. Great insights -- and that's just on first reading. On subsequent reads I've received many additional, valuable insights, all highly pertinent to, and useful for, everyday life.

If this book does not get you thinking, then nothing will. I can't wait for the next one.

Vic Lindal
Personal coach for Greatness
BC Sports Hall of Fame
Victoria Sports Hall of Fame
Volleyball Canada Hall of Fame
Toastmasters International Hall of Fame

The book Awkward Truths challenges scientific theories, religious doctrines and new-age beliefs. It makes you think, it provides answers and it gives you confidence to embrace uncertainties and explore alternatives without fear.

Though it deals with heavy issues, it is light reading - very funny at times. A great book for anyone with an inquisitive mind.

Uros Dresevic
Poet, author of A Manifold World


Stephen Pirie's new book "Awkward Truths" lives up to its title by corralling a herd of sacred cows let loose by science, religion, and new age philosophy, and then subjecting each to intensive delousing.

With unassailable logic and ironic humour he exposes flaws in their arguments, with special emphasis on how and why the findings of quantum physics keeps the streets of our minds free of these meandering quadrupeds.

Derek Strahan
BA Cantab

Awkward Truths is a very thought-provoking book that rattles the cage of conventional thinkers. Stephen Pirie cuts through some traditional 'Truths' like a hot knife through butter.

Reading this book has been an empowering experience for me and I thoroughly recommend it. I'm looking forward to Book II.

Steve McDonald
Executive Officer [-2005]
Spirituality, Leadership and Management Network

Stephen Pirie's Awkward Truths is, as the cover says, beyond the dogmas of science, religion and new age philosophies. It is a book for the intelligent, the enlightened...especially the skeptical.

The book is provocative. It challenges the reader to examine the pope's authority; heaven's existence and many other dogmas. It is irreverent but funny.

In this book the author plays with philosophy; flirts with science; and challenges religion. It is a thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable read for someone with an open mind and a sense of adventure.

Robert Colquhoun

Stephen Pirie has found the right mix of humour and dare in tackling many of today's "truths" which we take as gospel. Through well thought-out reasoning, Stephen challenges even the most concrete theories, consistently proving the "Pairadoxical" nature of life and how this can be used beneficially in any area of experience, circumstance or field of inquiry -- be it science, religion, politics or new-age.

Awkward truths goes to the heart of what we today can only describe as an awakening -- a rebirth of humanity's natural ability to ask why and seek truth.

Hooray! Stephen has opted to get off the fence and ask questions that so few dare think, let alone speak! A must read for anyone seeking deeper awareness and clarity of thought.

Costa Sfetsos
Mortgage Manager
Sydney, Australia


This is a development from a more comprehensive book, 'Be and Become', which is currently out of print and which contains an extraordinary Table of One and All, some of whose insights are reproduced here. The awkward truth of the title is the inherently paradoxical nature of life and the human being, which Pirie explores with relish.

He begins with the observation that life is a paradox of security and surprise, which means that the unilateral pursuit of security must be self-defeating. In addition, 'whatever we know is always partnered with what we don't know'. Hence such pairings as known and unknowable, certainty and uncertainty, order and chaos. This also means that any one-sided statement by a scientist or religious leader is inherently incomplete as life is based on inseparable dualities.

Philosophically, according to this view, it is impossible to separate determinism from free will, choice from fate. By the time the reader has finished perusing these dichotomies, a new way of thinking is born and one ceases to try to reduce one side to the other.

The style of the book is informal (sometimes almost too colloquial!) and direct, but this makes the book all the more accessible.

David Lorimer
Gibliston Mill, Colinsburgh,
Leven, Fife KY9 1JS
01333 340490

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Reviews Stephen Pirie's latest book:

Hi Steve,

I finished your manuscript "Maya Sends Her Love" last night.

It's a very good book. It made me think a lot; I woke up thinking of it this morning and will surely think of it in days to come.

You asked me to be critical about it ... I find it hard to do so.

The work is prophetic in a way, but also idealistic. The reader can't tell where the prophecy ends and where the vision of the beautiful world - the one that we should strive for - begins. This is a very good thing. The reader has a lot of room for manoeuvring - they'll get enough hints but there is plenty for them to think about.

I don't think you should change anything in your book - it is a parable after all, and it offers a vision of something we should strive for.

Given present ecological and world difficulties and challenges, you are presenting the way forward in a very nice way.

Once again, I liked the book very much.

Uros Dresevic
(May, 2006)

hi stephen

I am very impressed with your book "Maya Sends Her Love." It provides a very easy introduction to many of the “mysteries” of quantum physics in a very readable little story.

I certainly encourage you to seek a wide audience for the book – the message it contains is important.

Dr. Patrick Bradbery
Professional Development Unit
Faculty of Business
Charles Sturt University

Dear Stephen,

Congratulations on the book Maya Sends Her Love – I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The contents of the book are the ideas I talk about on a daily basis with people. It was wonderful to see you entwine the Knowledge into such a wonderful tale around such mythical and yet familiar characters – beautifully done.

Tim Brown
The Meditation Centre
80 Paddington St
Paddington NSW 2021
02 9327 7825

Dear Stephen,

I really enjoyed reading your book Maya Sends her love. I found myself overwhelmed with joy as I connected with young Maya and her Grandfather ... Beautiful example of how to live and the imagery stays with me now always.

I am happy to recommend this to my clients and students as a guide book and inspiration to all who read it. Congratulations and thank you for the opportunity.

Kind regards,

Simonette Vaja
~ Simonette Vaja & Associates ~
Creativity. Meditation. Therapeutic Hypnosis
Consulting Psychologist - Creativity Facilitator M.A.P.S.

Maya Sends Her Love: A Parable For Our Times is in the form of a story told by a grandfather to his granddaugher about the troubling times in which we are currently living. The central metaphor is that of the fall, but this time the fall is redefined as falling into love, peace and understanding rather than a fall 'from heart and harmony to numbers, names and notions.'

He introduces Zeno's paradox into the narrative, commenting that we might have come to know that 'we are all interconnected, nurtured and renewed in Zeno's timeless gaps.'

For the profound thinking about overcoming duality behind this touching story see

David Lorimer
Review of Maya Sends Her Love (A parable for out times)
2006 Summer Edition of the Scientific and Medical Network Review
The Scientific and Medical Network

Hi Stephen,

I very much enjoyed reading your book. It touches many wisdoms.
It's an important message to be sent out into our out-of-balance world. Your parable comes at a perfect point in time.


Marianne Hallupp
Research Scientist
Sydney, Australia

Hi Stephen,

I really enjoyed your little book Maya Sends Her Love. I started reading it and I didn't want to put it down until I finished it. It left me with a good feeling, but I was a bit sad it ended. I would love to share this book with my children, young and adult alike. It's a great way to open up a discussion. Thanks!

Julie Bagnall
Cairns, Australia

Hi Stephen,

l loved your little book "Maya Sends Her Love." I was very moved by your story.

Deryl Robertson
West Ryde, Sydney, Australia
[4th July, 2006]

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