Part II: Chapters 3, 4 and 5

This section (Part II) introduces basic principles that can be applied in all areas of life. Advanced insights into quantum theory, systems theory, fractals and their interactions and relevance to everyday life are introduced.


Stephen Pirie's book, Be and Become, provides valuable insights and guidance principles for those of us who realize that "doing business as usual," simply won't work in the 21st century. Be and Become is not just a sit down and read book but a workbook designed for you and the problems you will surely face in this new century and, taking some of the ideas found in it in mind, this millennium.

Borrowing from the quantum metaphors of the previous century, Pirie demolishes the old Darwinian saw and replaces it with a shining and hopeful spiritual vision.

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf
author, Taking The Quantum Leap