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ISBN 978-0-9578537-4-4 (eBook)
ISBN 978-0-9578537-5-1 (Paperback)

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Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment provides useful tools for those who are wanting or needing to engage with, and create desired, healthier, better, successful futures.

In the early part of the book a number of tools are presented to break through and see beyond many accepted fixed beliefs that block the path to results, well-being and betterment.

The latter part of the book provides tools for directly engaging the future in quite literal, practical, useful and life-enriching terms. Examples are given of how strongly desired futures 'feed' into our present awareness, providing exceptionally insightful and useful information (via intuitions, gut feelings) with which to create said desired futures.

This book will appeal to budding entrepreneurs (don't leave your old job without it :), sales and creative people who are invested in, needing or desiring to be visionary, creative, and results-orientated.

Feedback says that many intelligent, discerning thinkers and high achievers have greatly enjoyed and gained value from my work and I encourage you to further enhance, or develop your ability to think more critically, achieve more, and more effectively “see around corners” with my eBook.

Stephen Pirie (21 October, 2013)