[Excerpt Be and Become, © ProCreative, Sydney 2000]

Key Concepts:

  1. The idea that we might have full responsibility for our circumstances is big. It must rate as the biggest idea we can contemplate.
  2. If we create all our circumstances, then being in touch with, or effectively directing that which is beyond our limited conscious knowledge would be of primary importance.
  3. Taking full responsibility implies an ability to be 'intuitively-aware' of future circumstances, for otherwise we would or could remain 'victims' to unforseen events.
  4. The conscious mind is necessarily the director of unconscious connectivity and influence.
  5. The recognition of intuitive, precognitive abilities is not simply a matter of intellectual acceptance but one that must be felt (experienced) to be believed, trusted and acted upon to create desired reality.
  6. Creativity is necessarily central to "creating one's reality" using inventiveness, problem solving, intuition and precognition.
  7. Creativity comes through strengthening a “relaxed expectedness.” It's a paradoxical process, an "inseparable-duality" of forcefulness and attraction; of head and heart; of attachment (to outcomes) while letting go the moment-by-moment details (detachment).
  8. The creative process (the art of invention and problem solving) is found to be common to inventive scientists and successful business people.
  9. American architect Buckminster Fuller's extensive research revealed that the single most important element in scientific discovery is intuition.
  10. Research indicates that 'pre-cognition' is initially perceived through feelings which occur in the solar plexus region, hence the term “gut feelings.”
  11. But if such abilities exist, and we have unlimited inner potential, why don’t we utilise our potentials more effectively?
  12. What stops us from living life to the full?