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Please be aware that the opinions, beliefs and materials of contributing authors need not reflect the beliefs or opinions of other contributing authors. As a general rule articles are posted on this website which infer or in some way point towards, or add weight to an "integral systems" or 'holodynamic systems" world-view.

Chapter Three: Business before pleasure

This chapter works from the most elemental aspect of life - what we know and don't know - to build a philosophical view that embraces certainty and uncertainty, possible and actual, real and imagined.

These universal concepts are used to reveal a deeper understanding of love, humour and creativity.

The basis for The Table of One and All is introduced, leading into the study and appreciation of advanced quantum physics principles in Chapter Four.

[Excerpt  Be and Become, ProCreative, Sydney 2000]

Key Concepts:

  1. Feelings generally follow beliefs. If, for example, we believe in religious perfection, we’ll continue to feel inadequate, by way of comparison. If we believe in science’s mechanistic theories we’ll fear 'random' forces, influences and causes that are, by definition, beyond our present knowledge.

    It’s therefore prudent to carefully consider what we believe—to see if those beliefs are a good “map” of reality, for otherwise we’ll unnecessarily upset or limit ourselves.

  2. We begin our journey by starting with the most fundamental truth—there is a duality to life: That which is Known (or Knowable) and all else (Infinite and Unknowable).
  3. The Known is finite, 'factual', measurable, definable and discrete, while the Unknowable remains Mysterious.
  4. That which is Known (fact, finite, discrete and measured) is observed or verified via time-delayed perception (physical senses). Thus, all that is Known (fact, finite, physical and real) is embedded in the Past.
  5. We can never quite get to see, hear, smell, touch or taste the immediate now moment. In literal terms, it is immeasurable. The immediate now-moment, by being immeasurable is thus Unknowable.
  6. That which is Known is Local (i.e. localized in time and space). “Local” means confined to “here” rather than being “everywhere-at-once.”  Local forces and influences take “time” to get from “there” to “here” to affect us.
  7. The Known world is like a cocoon. We feel safely ensconced within its walls of space and time. Time forms a comforting buffer between “here” and “there.”
  8. Our DNA, cultural traditions, rules and regulations together with such physical constraints as gravity and the speed of light, all form the walls (boundaries) of the cocoon, within which we feel sufficiently safe to play our parts.
  9. Since that which is Known (Finite, Fact, Physical) is Past, we have been habituated to look backwards into the past (via experience, evidence and fact) as we back our way into the future.
  10. The Known physical world of things and facts is, and will remain, an after-effect of some Unknowable (Immeasurable and Unprovable) Cause. Ipso facto, science will not find the root Cause for (or be able to fully control) physical phenomena, facts or events.

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