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Apparent Contradictions within the TOA

[Excerpt  Be and Become, ProCreative, Sydney 2000]

The correlations provided in the TOA (Tao of One and All) appear to be contradictory.

For example, females (women, female animals, plants) are correlated with the mysterious and the non-physical ('spiritual') even though women and kind are obviously physical (while physicality has been correlated with masculine, known, real and measured).

The apparent contradictions in the Table of One and All arise entirely as a result of the fundamental inability to meaningfully categorise reality as either strictly 'Real' (Physical, Known and Local) or 'Spiritual' (Non-physical, Unknowable and Nonlocal).

Reality comprises 'both at-once,' and there can be no segregation or separation of parts from each other, or from their respective 'gestalts' without degradation of meaning of both One and All.

The golden rule to remember when analysing the Table of One and All is that the 'Western' or right-wing of the Table is anything to do with Difference and Individuality i.e. anything which can be 'measured,' identified or conceptualised to produce descriptions, labels, names, evidence, fact, proof.

The left wing is to do with 'everything' else which is not able to be measured, defined or differentiated. Structure, Order and Hierarchy are all based upon measure (or ratio) and are therefore deemed 'Western' or 'Masculine.' As well, anything which is able to be related to, contrasted or compared with, or differentiated from Order-Structure-Hierarchy such as rebelliousness and individuality is also 'Masculine.'

It is a common misconception that feminine Yin is opposite masculine Yang (as would appear to be implied by the layout of the opposing wings of the TOA). However,

within the broader framework and context of the TOA,
Yin is not opposite Yang -- it makes no sense to say
that the hand (part/Yang) is opposite the (whole) body,
or that the individual is opposite to the community.

Another apparent contradiction is the correlation of the future with the infinite. This has been done in deference to the Western habit of perceiving existence to be strictly local (physical, defined and limited). In other words, the validity of the correlation of the future with the immeasurable and the infinite is due to our serial experience of time even though the future, the present and the past all exist “at-once.”

Science: seriously serial
Immeasurable || Measured, Real, Observed
Collective || Individual
 Feminine-Wave || Masculine-Particle
Parallel Future || Serial Past
Boundless Possibilities || Finite Actuality
Nonlocally Connected || Local, Disconnected
Left-wing Yin || Right-wing Yang