[Excerpt Be and Become, © ProCreative, Sydney 2000]

The Table of One and All encompasses and includes all aspects of life into one framework of understanding. In view of its 'infinitely-inclusive' framework, it is able to be used in all areas of experience to reveal deeper insights into life.

The TOA provides deeper context and understanding of relationships, religious ideals, scientific facts, disease, wellbeing, happiness, politics, sociology, psychology etc.

Key Concepts:

  1. Since all is interconnected, the individual exists within a greater “oneness.”
  2. Existence is the 'inseparable duality' of being Known, Defined and Individual while being Unknowable, Indefinite “Whole.”
  3. We are, in a deeper sense, “Undivided Wholeness” experiencing existence as ourselves.
  4. Existence is the unfathomable paradox of Diversity within an Indivisible Unity.
  5. The wave-particle duality of matter and energy, separateness-within-oneness, or diversity-within-unity, has two attributes: the quality of being and the function of doing.
  6. Human cultures (particularly Western cultures) have largely focused on exploring the physical, technological dimension of existence. This has alienated many from their 'spiritual' roots (nonlocal awareness and potentials).
  7. In respect of the dynamic holomovement, we can readily appreciate that humanity is nearing adulthood, having played enough “outside” with the technology and the toys.
  8. The Finite within the Infinite is a universal principle .
  9. The Table of One and All presents in tabular form how human societies, plants, animals and inanimate matter have embodied the indivisible duality of One and All.
  10. Traditionally, males have leant towards being “separate from” (hence the masculine tendency towards the isolated, competitive, combative suitor).
  11. Females have leant towards being “together with” (hence the feminine tendency towards communities, families and herds).
  12. The “left-wing” of the TOA is correlated with community, socialism and the immeasurable (spiritual).
  13. The “right-wing” of the TOA is correlated with individuality, capitalism (the getting of personal wealth, possessions) and the measurable (physical).
  14. The left-wing (of the TOA) is not opposite the right-wing. It makes no sense to say that the individual is opposite the community.
  15. The Tao of One and All (TOA) provides the framework with which to understand all aspects of life.
  16. Apparent contradictions within the Table of One and All (TOA) are fundamentally due to the inability to perfectly separate the part from the “undivided whole.”