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For over 70 years scientists have been observing exceedingly strange behavior of very small bits (quanta) of matter and energy. The core principle of the TOA is based on the results of such research.

As is explained in detail at this website, one of the key experimental observations of quantum physics research is that all matter and energy exhibits a “wave-particle” duality of behavior. That duality of behavior is linked to the fundamental One-within-All principle mentioned earlier.

Given the universal applicability of the principle of One-and-All, the seemingly strange wave-particle behavior of quanta is simply another variant of this principle. In other words,

the wave-particle duality, in being a ubiquitous characteristic of matter and energy, "spins out" (unfolds) as various forms in everyday lived experience.

The Table of One and All reflects the preponderance of nature toward either the masculine-particle qualities of Definition, Individuality and Exclusivity, or the feminine-wave qualities of the Indefinable, Togetherness and Inclusivity.

Western culture has been correlated with the masculine-particle nature. This is not to suggest that Western culture is completely devoid of traditional feminine qualities of nurturing and community, but that it has a leaning toward the expression of individuality (as demonstrated by the American emphasis upon personal liberty and 'human rights'). On the other hand, Eastern cultures lean toward the ideals of community responsibility often at the expense of individuality.

The particle characteristic has been correlated with being individualistic, masculine, singular, decisive, controlled and predictable. The Table shows that masculine gender roles have traditionally leant toward these “masculine-material” characteristics.

The feminine has been correlated with being intuitive, passive, open, flexible and spontaneous. The Table shows that feminine gender roles have traditionally leant toward these “feminine-mysterious” characteristics. Hence the often heard and used phrases "feminine mystique," "women's intuition" and "it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind."

None of these correlations are meant to suggest that females are lacking characteristically “masculine” qualities of decisiveness and objectivity (refer table). Or that males lack intuitive, emotional, subjective qualities. Gender roles have been chosen (consciously and subconsciously) by the sexes as a means in the past for effective survival in physical reality.

"a stone, while still attached to a mountainside or the bedrock, is female. It becomes a male stone when it is moved away from its quarry place and set up by itself. The Easter Island stones, then are male, and the Stonehenge rocks also."1
See below for Table One (of Ten) of the Table of One and All.
 Table of One and All, Toa 1 of 10
  • 1. Robert Bly, Iron John, Element Books, Brisbane Australia 1993, page 120 (quoting John Layard's report of old traditions).